A Little Bit About Me

This is the post excerpt.

My name is Jaikirat Singh. People, however, call me Jimmy. I’m currently a senior in Western High School with a pretty flexible schedule. I have an older sister named Simi who just graduated at the same school last year, being part part of Class of 2017. I also have an older cousin who graduated a year before so right now, I’m next in line for graduation. I have many friends I talk to and hang out and I’m a really helpful person. I normally am in my computer when I’m at home, playing computer games, normally racing games. I’m an extremely serious car enthusiast, knowing all of the manufacturers around the world, some which many Americans never had even seen or heard of. I’m also interested in business and plan to become a businessperson in the automotive industry after becoming a mechanical engineer.

Gumball Project

This was a team effort and currently, this is a work-in-progress. This here is a teaser which I will try to get the final form later. The audio is messed up and not aligned correctly, but again, it’s a work-in-progress. The project itself is supposedly our own version of the Gumball animated T.V. show with our own storyline. It’s a dodgeball game and included insults that were shared out before it. Credits goes to myself, Brian Paul, Logan Allarey, Ashley Shire, Luis Restrepo, and Kayla Olawski.

Change the World by Making Your Bed

The person here who was giving the speech is named Admiral William McRaven who just grauduated from the University of Texas’ Navy Seal program. He started up by mentioning to make you bed. He said that it would inspire you to do all of the little  things that matter in your life. He described how difficult and riguorous training he had to go through. The training itself was not only physically demanding but also mentally. There was a cut of nearly a hundred people. He said that the voice of one person can inspire many more people to stand up for themselves and say whatever they want.

Six of Twelve Principles of Animation

These are my examples of half of the Twelve Principles of Animation. It contains the following: Stretch and Squash, Anticipation, Staging, Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose, Follow Through and Overlapping Action and Arcs. These skills are crucial for animators to know since it creates additional effects that are eye-candy and very good to look at. It’s been applied to the hundreds of thousands of animated films created by these large studios such as Disney, Dreamwork and Warner Bros. To see behind the action of the creation of animations from these basic rules are fascinating but also scary because of the time needed to perfect these skills.

Walk Cycle

This is my project of the walk cycle. The figure here is anchored to the bottom center and is looking like it is moving. The frames I drew out was eight and I copied it a total of twenty-four times. The background itself was first copied, then the whole thing was converted to a symbol where I later motion-tweened it. The walk cycle is where you have a figure that makes movements and have a moving background so that it looks like that the figure is moving.

Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout

There were many messages that I was able to pick out from this inspirational speech. One message I found was that if you want to do something in life, be aware of it and do the task right. Certainly failure will come at you but take those moments in life and learn something from them. Another message I was able to pick on was that an uneducated person who was able to do so much in life can become your mentor and motivator to do even better to shoot for that podium. Whatever life throws at you, you need to be prepared and move on to create a smooth transition. This trait, called resilience, can really help guide your life and moving on to other matters.

Two Point Perspective and Brick Drop

In this project, I was to draw a stick figure that is knocking down a brick. The setting was to be taken place in a two point perspective. I used Adobe Animate 2017 and used the line tool for the background outline and colored it with the paint bucket tool with a couple of times using the brush tool. The stick figure and the brick itself was also used by the line tool.

Self Portrait

Self-Potrait.jpgFor this project, I had to sketch an image of myself. The Self Portrait project took me awhile to complete since I had other projects I had to work such as the Bart Turnaround and the Bouncing Ball. This is my only other project beside the Character Frenzy where I am sketching a static picture and not actually animating something. I was actually proud of myself when I finally got this project done since that is one project more that I have completed.

Bart Turnaround

Here is me drawing Bart Simpson. He is from the famous T.V. show, The Simpsons. I used Adobe Animate CC 2017 and drew Bart in multiple positions and copied them into many different frames. The video is running at 8 frames per seconds. I finalized it with the opening theme of the show, though I had to omit a bit over half of the entire thing.

Bouncing Ball

This is one of the twelve rules of animation. It’s called “Stretch an Squash” and it’s used by animators to give additional effects on when an object like a ball gets dropped to the floor, it bounces back up but slower. That’s why the ball doesn’t stretch as much as the animation progresses. I used Adobe Animate CC 2017 to draw out the animations and added music using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. The music I used is called Marty Gots a Plan by Kevin MacLoed and it’s used under license of Creative Commons Attribution.